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              School Workshops

I have carried out various workshops in primary schools in the local area working with children from years 1-6. The children really enjoy working with a medium that is not normally available to them and have produced some amazing results.
The children are given a theme to work to (for example nature or animals) and are each given a previously prepared tile to draw their image onto. They can then choose from a variety of different mosaic tiles to fill in their design. We use a child friendly washable PVA glue to stick the tiles down. The tiles are then left for 24 hours to dry after which I collect the tiles and grout them ready to hand back to the school.
Below are few images of the mosaic tiles that they have produced.


We have also worked together on various projects as whole classes.

As part of their learning about the Romans, year 3 at Preston Primary School produced individual tiles that created this overall design when put together onto a backing board.

Year 6 pupils at Abbas and Templecombe Primary School worked together to create this welcome sign now sited at the entrance to their school.

If you are interested in having mosaic workshops in your school please do not hesitate to contact me for further details.

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