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 Glass   Workshops

Have you ever fancied learning the craft of stained glass using traditional leading?

Please come and join me and learn this beautiful craft and work with this facinating medium. The informal workshops will consist of small groups of students with a maximum of five students to ensure individual tuition.
The workshops will take place at the studio in Charlton Horethorne.

Stained Glass Workshops (Beginners)

These introductory workshops run one morning/evening a week over a five week period during which you will learn how to produce a cartoon and cut-line, the technique of cutting glass using both straight and curved lines, assembling the glass with lead, soldering the joints, cementing the panel and then final polishing.
You will complete a panel (approx 250mmx370mm) by the end of the workshop to take home (see below for some of my past students finished panels).
All materials and use of tools are included in the price.£90
Workshops will be re-starting in the Autumn. Please check back for future start dates for both morning and evening workshops.

There will also be full weekend workshops running later on this year at a cost of £125 (all materials and use of tools are included in the price).

Follow-on Workshops in Leaded Stained Glass

After completing the four week workshops and you have gained the basic techniques of leading a panel, the studio will be running 'open house' workshops where you will have the freedom to work on your own projects while still having help at hand if needed (these will be open at certain times on specified days). You will only need to pay for the time that you are there and the materials used in the finished panel and so allows a greater freedom in when you wish to attend. At certain times I will be running 'special' workshops in glass painting and glass fusing during which you will learn how to incorporate paintwork into your work using enamels and trace paints and also how to fuse glass together for use in leaded work. For glass painting, you will learn about the different brushes associated with painting and the different mediums used with the paint so that you may achieve several layers of paintwork with only one firing and for the glass fusing you will learn about the different types of glass available, glass compatibility and kiln programming.

Glass Mosaics

These informal workshops are run on Wednesday mornings between 9.30 and 12.30 and are run on a 'pay as you come' basis. We look at indirect, direct and glass on glass mosaics (the most popular with my students). You can then choose the size and type of mosaics that you wish to work on. The workshops are £5 per hour and you only pay for the time you are there (e.g if you attend between 10am-12noon this will cost £10 for the session). There is a small charge for materials, charged when you have finished your project (depending on the size and type of materials used). The workshops will be re-starting sometime in the Autumn. Please check back for updates.

Glass Fusing Workshops

Please come back at a later date for more information about glass fusing workshops.

Sorry, due to various commitments this year no workshops will run until later in the year.

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